New short film....The studio that has no roof

This short film features some of the workshop programme highlights from The studio that has no roof project from June - October 2016. Featuring short clips from wonderful workshops with artists Stephen Brandes, Dragana Jurisic and Atsushi Kaga. Film by Jenny Brady. Still image by Dragana Jurisic. 

Playtime Symposium at VISUAL, Carlow

Superprojects and partners zero-degree machine will be presenting the Studio that has no roof project at VISUAL Carlow, as part of their Playtime Symposium - 'a day of talks and workshops on play, its relationship to culture and the arts. and a child's right to play and access to the arts and culture. Through a series of keynotes, workshops and panel discussions we will consider, play in the urban realm and play as part of our cultural institutions.'

Happening from 10am on Thursday 4th May.
More info here


New 10-week project with Clodagh Emoe has begun

Having worked at Hartstown Community School and Fingal Arts Office with the Waves project in 2016 we are back once more with artist Clodagh Emoe. In this 10-week project Clodagh and the 4th year students will create a collaborative artwork. Decisions such as the type of artwork and where it will be situated will be reached by the students themselves. The project has two phases - the first is characterised by focused artistic research and philosophical enquiry (current phase). The second by artistic experimentation and production. During a trip to IMMA today they viewed the work of artist Jac Leirner and the piece I reached inside myself through time by Dennis McNulty. In these works, the use of everyday materials - airplane tickets, rulers, building materials, coloured gels - opened up a world of artistic possibilities for the visiting students. In next week's workshop writer Sue Rainsford will visit the school to do a workshop that will focus on script-writing within contemporary art. 
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Ships Passing in the Night video artwork at The Hugh Lane Gallery

The beautiful video artwork Ships Passing in the Night by artist James Ó hAodha, made in collaboration with children from the Dodder Sea Scouts and Dublin Sikh community, is available to see at The Hugh Gallery, Parnell Square. Until the end of March. 

For more information: Hugh Lane
For more information on project: Ships Passing in the Night

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Video still

Video still


CoisCéim BROADREACH have been doing excellent work with younger and older audiences in Ringsend, Irishtown, Sandymount and Pearse Street, as part of Dublin's Culture Connects' project ALIGHT! (project managed by Superprojects' Cleo Fagan). Centred around themes of journeys, the project has its very own orange double-decker bus, designed by visual artist Vanessa Daws in collaboration with St. Patrick's NS, Ringsend and Talk About Youth, St Andrew's Resource Centre. Project artists choreographer Muirne Bloomer and performer Hugh Brown have been working with various community groups in Ringsend, Irishtown, Pearse Street and Sandymount to produce exciting TOURS that include include storytelling and performances and also include connecting with cultural institutions The Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, The National Gallery, as well as The James Joyce Museum, Sandycove. #dublinscultureconnects  #BROADREACH  #community  #nationalgallery #hughlane #jamesjoycemuseum

Film on Ships Passing in the Night now online!

Jenny Brady's documentation film (just over 5 minutes in length) captures some of the story and processes of the Ships Passing in the Night project with artist James Ó hAodha and children from the Dublin Sikh community and Dodder Sea Scouts. Take a look! This project is one of a set of projects with Dublin's Culture Connects

A snippet from the Ships Passing in the Night project...

This very short film on the Ships Passing in the Night project shows some of the work artist James Ó hAodha and participating children made on their most recent (and final) session together. Their final collaborative artwork will be a moving-image piece that ties together the varied strands of the project and uses light and darkness as a medium... This film will be screened at The Hugh Lane Gallery in late January 2017. Ships Passing in the Night is part of Dublin's Culture Connects - a city-wide community based arts project run by Dublin City Council. 

I was here! by Atsushi Kaga now installed...

Atsushi Kaga has completed three permanent artworks for the school garden at Bracken ETNS, Balbriggan. In his neon work 'I was here!' he elevates the commonplace scribble often seen on the exterior of copybooks to a large and permanent position on the wall of the garden. The style of the text is based on the 5th class children’s own handwriting.   #thestudiothathasnoroof #atsushikaga #brackenetns

Self-portraits, selfies and making images with Dragana Jurisic

In Dragana Jurisic's workshop yesterday at Bracken ETNS, Balbriggan children were introduced to the basics in photographic seeing and visual storytelling through portraiture. Dragana presented to the children images of work by famous photographers throughout history - Vivienne Meyer, Dorothea Lange, Diane Arbus, Richard Avedon - and asked the children what they thought was being communicated when they looked at the images of these works.  They discussed the phenomena of a ‘selfie’, and the difference between a selfie and a self-portrait.  Dragana presented to the children the idea that a selfie is about how we look, as opposed to how we feel, and asked if the selfie could be re-formatted in order to become about how we feel. The children readily grasped the concept of constructing and making a photograph and they eagerly worked in teams to embrace the roles of both artist and subject. Part of The studio that has no roof project, this workshop is one of a programme of workshops with the entire school. #thestudiothathasnoroof #draganajurisic #brackenetns

James Ó hAodha and Sikh community children do morse code

After working with the Sandymount Dodder Sea Scouts yesterday, artist James Ó hAodha went out to meet and practice the basics of morse code with a group of children from the Dublin Sikh community. Activities included children spelling out their names in morse using stamps, ink and paper. For the 'Ships Passing in the Night' project James and the children from these two groups are working together to explore themes of communication and connection. This is week 2 of this 10 week Dublin City Council project, part of the city-wide initiative 'The National Neighbourhood'. #DCCLight #dccneighbourhood #shipspassinginthenight #jamesóhaodha #sikhcommunitydublin

James Ó hAodha and Sandymount Dodder Sea Scouts do morse code

Today, artist James Ó hAodha worked with the Sandymount Dodder Sea Scouts to practice the basics of morse code. Firstly, children spelled their names in morse using stamps, ink and paper. This progressed to creating morse code words in the shape of the things they spelled. Finally, the children practised their new knowledge as James sounded out words. For Ships Passing in the Night James and the children are working together with maritime signalling systems to explore themes of communication and connection. This is week 2 of 10 week Dublin City Council project, part of the city-wide initiative The National Neighbourhood.  #DCCLight #dccneighbourhood #shipspassinginthenight  #jamesóhaodha  

Atsushi Kaga artworks installed today

Brand new and beautiful bronze artworks by artist Atsushi Kaga were installed today at Bracken ETNS, Balbriggan. These curious creatures who live amongst the plantlife will be discovered by the school's children tomorrow... A part of The studio that has no roof project, Atsushi's neon work will be installed this week too, completing his commssion for the school.  #thestudiothathasnoroof #atsushikaga #brackenetns

The National Neighbourhood project launch

Hopping, fun launch last night of Dublin's Culture Connects: The National Neighbourhood project at The Mansion House. Very exciting to be working (as project manager) with CoisCéim Dance Theatre; visual artist James Ó hAodha; communities in Sandymount, Irishtown, Ringsend and Pearse Street; The Hugh Lane Gallery and The National Gallery; on 'Light Waves' - one of 5 different Dublin City Council community-based art projects across Dublin. Watch this space for more on forthcoming artistic happenings...

National Neighbourhood project

So delighted to be working in the role of Project Manager for Dublin City Council's community-based art project The National Neighbourhood (South-East area) project with Iseult Byrne and partners Dublin City Arts Office, The Hugh Lane Gallery, The National Gallery and Dublin City Libraries. Here we are on the number 1 bus - our vehicle for local research on Wednesday morning...

Disperse by Sue Rainsford, full text

Click here for full text 'Disperse' by Sue Rainsford. In this text, commissioned for Waves, Sue comments on methods of formal experimentation in writing and on the act of writing as a way of engaging with public life, amongst other things. The text, aimed at a teenage audience, also reflects the themes of the Waves programme - the connection between young people, contemporary arts and the political.

Text published on graphic poster by Distinctive Repetition. Image copyright Distinctive Repetition.

Text published on graphic poster by Distinctive Repetition. Image copyright Distinctive Repetition.

Video clip of Sue Rainsford reading from 'Disperse'

Sue Rainsford was invited to write a piece of text for a graphic poster that accompanied documentation film of artist-led workshops during the Waves programme. This clip was filmed at the Waves public screening and celebratory event at Draiocht on 12/06/16.

Jenny Brady's film is here!

Take a look at the brand new and wonderful film by Jenny Brady documenting the Waves project...