Using humour as protest, with Clodagh Emoe

In Clodagh Emoe's first workshop students discussed what societal issue they would like to collectively address in the creation of a collaborative artwork. Students shared thoughts on lack of provisions for disaffected youth, abortion laws, poor hospital service, and the rising costs of 'free' education. Using a secret ballot they voted to choose one of these issues to address in the creation of a piece of collaborative artwork. They voted to protest on the state of hospitals. 

In the second workshop students demonstrated admirable creativity in preparing and enacting a performance within two hours. To help set the tone, Clodagh showed them clips of comedy skits from The Savage Eye and The Singing Detective. Students and Clodagh used story-boarding, musical composition, choreography, special effects, prop-building and performance to create an impressive drama that also involved a lot of fun. Working collaboratively they successfully expressed their collective dissatisfaction and concern over this societal issue. Videographer Jenny Brady filmed their performance. Finished film coming soon!