Making personal commemorative objects, with Ruth Lyons

In last week's workshop Ruth Lyons presented to the students some of her research as an artist interested in landscape, industry and the anthropocene. As part of this, students got to consider the composition of the earth, heard tales of subterranean substances and industry, ancient trading and a 230 million year old sea. Afterwards, they used silicone to make their own individual moulds. 

In this second workshop, students used the silicone mould they had previously created to cast in resin contemporary materials of their choice. Mementoes from holidays, bits of paper inscribed with favourite phrases, apple stems used in a game, keys, favourite sweets, coffee beans, collected crystals, caps of favourite drinks, drawing implements and more were selected to be part of commemorative objects. Students presented to the class their choice of materials before they began the process of casting their thoughtful assortment of materials.