Editing Workshop with Jenny Brady at IMMA

In Jenny Brady's editing workshop in IMMA's Studio 5, participating students re-engaged with the video artwork they previously created with artist Clodagh Emoe, as part of 11 week project 'Everything is in Everything' at their school - Hartstown Community School, Dublin 15.

Shot by Jenny, this moving-image artwork was developed in collaboration by the students and Clodagh; using choreographed movement, objects, scriptwriting and performance - to explore themes of causality and regret in modern life. The purpose of Jenny's workshop was to facilitate the students to make editing decisions and to give direction to Jenny on how to edit the final draft of this film, using found footage harvested from YouTube; considerations of script, text, sound, imagery, and how best to communicate themes...
#unsungartofediting #waltermurch  #meaningincontext #movingimage #foundfootage