New 10-week project with Clodagh Emoe has begun

Having worked at Hartstown Community School and Fingal Arts Office with the Waves project in 2016 we are back once more with artist Clodagh Emoe. In this 10-week project Clodagh and the 4th year students will create a collaborative artwork. Decisions such as the type of artwork and where it will be situated will be reached by the students themselves. The project has two phases - the first is characterised by focused artistic research and philosophical enquiry (current phase). The second by artistic experimentation and production. During a trip to IMMA today they viewed the work of artist Jac Leirner and the piece I reached inside myself through time by Dennis McNulty. In these works, the use of everyday materials - airplane tickets, rulers, building materials, coloured gels - opened up a world of artistic possibilities for the visiting students. In next week's workshop writer Sue Rainsford will visit the school to do a workshop that will focus on script-writing within contemporary art. 
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