Animation magic with Aideen Barry

In Aideen Barry's workshops at Bracken ETNS she invited participating 4th Class children to make individual drawing animations and a collaborative stop-motion animation. For her drawing animation workshop she showed the students some of her own animated work including Levitating - a work where she appeared to be hovering above the surface of the ground as she went about her day. She told the children that it took 12 images to make one second of an animation. Giving them 12 sheets of animation paper each, she asked them to close their eyes and imagine something happening in the garden that they could turn into an animation - ants battling, spiders spinning, flowers growing, worms wriggling.... In her next workshop she and the class made a collaborative stop-motion animation using cardboard boxes as props. #stopmotion #drawing #movingimages #artmagic #thestudiothathasnoroof

Animations coming soon!