The Chase! With Amanda Coogan

In these workshops at Bracken ETNS, performance artist Amanda Coogan and participating children used costume, props, music and gesture to create wildly imaginative performances that took place in the garden.

Amanda started her workshop by showing the children some images of her work, bringing attention to the use of costume and props to create character. She told the children how she made these costumes and props herself. She introduced the idea of gesture or 'action' through 'dabbing', a move that all the students knew well. She then played Bach’s Harpsichord Concerto in D minor and asked them what kind of scenes the music evoked in their imagination. Themes of jeopardy and pursuit emerged: animals being chased by a king who wanted to eat them, animals running from the pound, the titanic; witches, wizards, ninjas, fairies, robbers - all chasing through the forest. Within the classroom and garden each of the two classes alternatively created an installation of a mountain and a river; and a series of vivid costumes. #freeplay #musicandimagination #artandthebody #wearableartworks  #amazingimaginations