Tattooed wax hands partially inspired by the strange cellular regenerative powers of newts, and the similarity between their mating dance and The Floss...

A small glimpse of some the work by artist Siobhan McGibbon and Scoil Chroi Iosa students for forthcoming Baboró International Arts Festival exhibition at Galway Arts Centre...Superprojects paid a visit to artist Siobhan McGibbons' studio in West Cork today where Siobhan was working on 'tattooing' the students' scanned drawings onto the wax limbs they had previously created, using moulding and casting, on their residency with Siobhan. This work, and more, will be exhibited at the Galway Arts Centre's exhibition 'Human Being and Human Becoming', as part of Baboró International Arts Festival for Children, from 15th - 21st October
#futurebodies #transhumanism #imagingingthelivesofotherbeings

Children's work 1.jpg