On Reflection,
Exhibition of work by Caroline Donohue, Ciara Healy, Valerie Curran, Laura Fitzgerald and Julie Merriman,
Temporary space 'The Wooden Building' in Cow's Lane, Temple Bar, Dublin,
Curated with Caroline Cowley, 

'If our eyes are a mirror of the soul then our image is transparent. Not unlike feathers, our perception of ourselves is delicate, fragile, easily lifted and easy to bring down. Our image in relation to others can be enhanced through flattery, distorted through vanity; the perception of ourselves is constantly changing. In a world that over-emphasises outward appearance and which is burdened with the resulting difficult expectations, identity can often become confused. The essence of life experienced from the inside out is exchanged for a pursuit of a rigid beauty, a mastering of the body and a concern for the body to be enjoyed from the outside, for the eye. The rich experience of living life sensually is suspended as the focus of one’s awareness is moved externally to an imaginary location through the eyes of the other.'