Kate Maher, Sarah Hurl, Jennie Guy, Beth O’Halloran, Anne Hendrick, James Ó hAodha, Michelle Browne and Ian O’Neill
Ranelagh Arts Festival, Ranelagh, Dublin 6,
September 2010

Multiple site project in Ranelagh contained within one piece of work by Kate Maher the work of seven other artists. The work by Maher was a hybrid between treasure hunt, performance and tour and contained activities and interactions located at nineteen different points in Ranelagh. At several of these points other artists Sarah Hurl, Jennie Guy, Beth O’Halloran, Anne Hendrick, James Ó hAodha, Michelle Browne and Ian O’Neill had created a combination of interactive and site-specific pieces.  The audience member firstly chose from one of three envelopes and from there began the process of their engagement with the work which they experienced as a journey. Each audience member experienced between four and six ‘points’ on their ‘journey’, the specifics of which were determined by the choices they made.  

Reflecting the duality of the intention in the work to simultaneously illustrate and create the possibilities that exist around us at any one time the audience member also alternates between the dual states of having to make choices and to surrendering to the unknowability of what is going to happen next. Moments of delay, of pause, were deliberately inserted in to the journey so that anticipation and a consideration of their own role in the work could manifest.


Within this project a new moving image work by critic and artist Jessica Foley was commissioned in an attempt to experiment with modes of critique and documentation in response to ephemeral practices.


Many kind and generous people helped on this project. They included Deirdre Mullins, Irene Breen, Joan Healy, Enagh Farrell, Tara Blaise, Ruane MacEoin, Nathan Fagan Guimond, Claudio Procida, Kathleen Moore, Lisa Martin, Cherry Murphy, Claire Byrne, Sarah Rossney, Niamh Leonard, Emma Morrissey Murphy, Howard, Kitty Rogers, Laura Byrne, Juliette Gash, Martin Power, Paul Gillick, Aideen Sweeney and Melanie Holcombe.


Pause was kindly sponsored by Hayes Solicitors and Meteor.