Play the Record,
Ballinasloe Library, County Galway,
November 2014

For this concise programme for TULCA Contemporary Visual Art Festival in Galway the two artists Stephen Brandes and Russell Hart were invited to collaborate in the devising of workshops for 5th class children from two schools. The resulting workshops involved the artists both using secondhand vinyl records as art material - in Stephen's workshop the children explored pictorial language and humour through collage and in Russell's sound as image through drawing. On the day of the event all children were given a second-hand record with sleeve at the outset. 

In partnership with Galway County Libraries.


* Mobile Art School (2011-2014) was an artists-schools initiative whose workshop and artist-residency programmes sought to simultaneously devise a path between contemporary artists and the educational system, and to support creative modes of learning. Mobile Art School was co-directed and curated with Jennie Guy.