Stephen Brandes
Edible Artworks
13th October 2016

6th Class


Stephen began his workshop by showing the children some images of his own edible artworks made with the art-food collective The Domestic Godless. These included sea urchin pot noodles, gooseberry jellies that glowed in a room filled with ultra-violet light, strange banquets with glittering octopuses…He told them that food can look like a painting, if the presentation is done well. After this introduction, Stephen split the group into two groups – raisins and nuts. One group created a sweet-tasting ‘forest floor’ and the other a savoury ‘garden floor’. They used a range of ingredients and methods that included using a combination of cream cheese, sour cream and pumpernickel bread to create ‘soil’ (out of which sprung purple carrots, purple broccoli and more); a batter of flour, sugar, egg, spirulina & wheatgrass microwaved to create ‘moss’, sprinkled with berries and white beech mushrooms marinated in maple syrup. At the end, the children enjoyed savouring the delectable and unusual tastes and textures in their (mostly healthy) feast of edible artworks.