In these workshops for 8 – 12 year olds artist Stephen Brandes drew upon his work with the art-food collective 'The Domestic Godless' to conceptually illustrate how perception can be altered through story-telling. 

The workshop started with the presentation of selected Domestic Godless works after which Stephen told them a slightly frightening Japanese folk tale. Stephen had altered the tale to include a ‘black fungus cake’ that belonged to a very formidable Snow Witch. After the tale Stephen showed them a canister filled with ‘black goo that he had gotten in the post from Japan’. He proceeded to spray the ‘goo’ into a cup which he then put in the microwave. 40 seconds later ‘Black Fungus Cake’ appeared and the children were invited to try it if they dared. The workshop continued with the children creating their own fantastical and weird recipes using text and collage. 


These workshops were part of Once Upon a Picture - an exhibition and programme exploring narrative through image and text. 

Black fungus cake