The Artist Stays,
St. Catherine's National School, Rush, county Dublin,
April 2013 - May 2014

Following a set of artist-led workshops in 2012 Mobile Art School* continued its work with St. Catherine’s National School with Rhona Byrne as artist-in-residence between April 2013 and May 2014. Inspired by the 'Room 13 International' residency model, this project saw Rhona working intensively with more than sixty 5th and 6th class children in developing a shared child-run studio where she and the children explored various aspects of sculpture, installation and performance art. The overarching aim was to develop the children’s confidence in their own creative thinking and intuitive capacities through an approach that valued experimentation and process rather than defined production outcomes.  


Student feedback:

‘Working with Rhona has been a great experience. We didn’t just paint and draw, we also learned about other artists and experimented with different types of artwork.’

‘It’s made art really fun because we got to make art our way. There are no boundaries for our creativity.’

'The studio has made a big difference to our school, I think it is really fun and it makes you learn more about all the hard work that goes into art.' 

' can bring the creativity out in people. It can also help people become closer friends with people in their class because you can talk to them and get to know them better while still learning and getting the work done.' 

'It made us more creative. Helped us extend our imagination. It helped us with art. You look at things differently than before.' 


* Mobile Art School (2011-2014) was an artists-schools initiative whose workshop and artist-residency programmes sought to simultaneously devise a path between contemporary artists and the educational system, and to support creative modes of learning. Mobile Art School was co-directed and curated with Jennie Guy.